Below you’ll find answers to the most common questions
you may have on Golden Recovery

Who Are We?

We are Golden Recovery, a worldwide specialist in financial fraud recovery.

What Do You Do?

We use expertise to help victims of financial fraud such as binary options scams, forex scams, cryptocurrency scams, stock trading scams, etc., to get their money back.

Why Us?

At Golden Recovery, we are different in a good way. Our experience in money recovery service is unmatched. We have helped over 50,000 clients and paid more than 250,000,000 USD of recovered funds to our clients. We won’t waste your time and money if we think your case is impossible to win. We have a fully responsive support team on deck. You can call us, chat with us and even visit us. In that way, you’re informed and involved in your money recovery process.

How Do I Know That You Are Legitimate And Not A Scam?

Golden Recovery is a fully licensed and registered funds recovery company under the Ministry Of Justice of Israel. You can check our registration number online on the official government website. We have been operating for 12 years now. Reviews and testimonials from clients we have helped speak for us. We are your only legitimate option to recover your funds.

Why Do You Charge An Upfront Payment?

We charge an upfront fee to cover our legal and operational expenses. We need to do so before we take any action on your behalf. This is a standard industrial procedure because no one works for free.

How Long Does The Claim Process Take?

Our experienced associate team will work quickly to conclude your case; on average, this procedure takes one to six months, depending on the technicality of your case.

Is There A Time Limit To Submit A Claim?

There is no time restriction for filing a claim to recover the money you lost to an internet scam.

Can You Help Recover Money From Scams Of Less Than 5,000 USD?

Because the expenses on the case may be greater than what we are attempting to collect, our organization only takes cases involving clients who have lost 5,000 USD or more. However, we can still take on the case if the client wants to pay the operational cost.

Why can’t other authorities (Police, lawyers, FCA, etc.) recover your money?

The authorities have no jurisdiction and deep knowledge of online scams as they do not know who the scammer is or have any way of knowing who the scammer is; therefore, they cannot recover your stolen funds because they do not know where your funds are. The team at Golden Recovery is well experienced as we only handle financial crimes and online scams

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