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When it comes to financial fraud, Golden Recovery are experts. Our group of hard-working associates, lead by a diverse and diligent management team, know pretty much all there is to know about the multitude of scams that operate and are therefore ideally placed to secure the recovery of funds and assets you’ve lost to scammers. We can confidently state that our success rate in this area is unparalleled. This is because we know how the scammers work, the tools they use, and the ways and means that they operate their activity from start to finish. Our free consultation gives clients the confidence to approach us and discuss matters that are often very personal. We then look over the relevant documents and discuss the details of the issue and then make an honest assessment as to whether we can successfully win the case; if so, we proceed. Golden Recovery doesn’t look to lead on our customers, simply because there is no benefit to doing so, both on a moral but also professional level.

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“I’d been involved in Binary Options before, and I thought I knew how to avoid the fraudsters, but the way I was ripped off was so advanced that it honestly took me days before I realized it was a scam. I tried to get my money back, attempted to call the broker once I knew what was happening, and I got nowhere. Golden Recovery was far more effective, and within a month, I got almost all my money back. I was very pleased by the responsible manner they dealt with the situation. These guys are professionals.


“I was victim of an offshore scam and lost thousands of pounds. Golden-Recovery was sympathetic, helpful and professional in all their dealings with me. Best of all, the advice they gave enabled me to convince the Financial Ombudsman that my bank could have been more vigilant and prevented the scam. Ultimately I received a refund of most of the money I lost.”


“I lost $20k to a Cryptocurrency scam that was so convincing that I didn’t even think twice. Once I saw many others had fallen for a similar scam, I realized I was in trouble. I got in contact with Golden Recovery, and they knew right away what had happened to me. They mapped out how they would secure my money back, and they did precisely what they said they would. A hugely beneficial experience”


“The worst thing about me losing money to a stock scam was that I recommended it to friends and family, and to be honest, that was worse than me losing my own money. It was hugely embarrassing, and I couldn’t face them for weeks. Then someone recommended Golden Recovery, and they were so helpful and gave me the support I needed, not just in terms of the money I got back (which was more than 80% of what I lost) but also they were caring and understanding.”


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If you were ever fooled, or have fallen victim to a silver tongued “broker” binary options, if you lost money to “get rich quick” or “returns guaranteed”. If your unsure of your brokers intent, do not hesitate to reach out to us. Many people are the unwitting victims of online trading scammers, we at Golden-Recovery.com have formed a winning team of experts in order to help you sleep better at night. Reach out for your free consultation and our team of financial investigators will reach out to you as soon as humanly possible.


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