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This option employed in trading either pays off a fixed amount or expires worthless. You receive payment when you meet certain conditions. Otherwise, you won’t receive compensation if it expires worthless.

It does not offer partial or multiple payment methods. Still, it simply settles for cash when the underlying closes beyond the strike price before the expiration.


This is also referred to as all-or-nothing options. The underlying security value will be paid upon expiration.

To understand binary options better, and how you can recover your fund if scammed, keep your eyes on the information provided below.


A binary option is legitimate trading with a lot of money to offer to advertisers, users,, and brokers; however, it is very risky, and you have to understand its principles to trade effectively. But if you won’t be comfortable with a highly risky deal, then the binary option may not be suitable for you. It is not a get-rich-quick medium that you can use to settle an immediate need; instead, if you engage in it, do so with understanding the cost.


Binary traders invest in future assets like stocks, markets, or gold and try to predict if the value of such assets will either increase or decrease within a time frame. If your prediction plays out accordingly, you will earn a specific commission on your investment.

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Otherwise, you will lose the entire money you have invested in your prediction. It can be likened to sports betting but not the same as a real-time investment. Unfortunately, several outlets are using these as a means of defrauding others of their investment to the point that there are far more fraudulent binary option outlets out there compared to the genuine ones. So the primary factor threatening the good intention of binary option trading is the fraudsters that have taken over the system; however, binary option in itself is a legit investment. Also, several investors are often deceived and not told the truth about this type of investment. As such, they are made to get into investing with high hopes. Still, when they come to terms with reality and cannot get the return on investment as expected, they perceive it to be a scam. It is not impossible to make a quick return on your investment from this digital trading though it is rare. Instead of making this clear to potential investors, most brokers will rather make promises of the unrealistic outcome, which usually would not turn out that way for an average user and this causes them to doubt the system. A clear understanding of the rudiments of this system is important, and don’t forget that what comes to you is determined by you. A correct prediction favors you, but where your prediction is a ‘No’, you lose your investment, and this should answer the question;

“is binary option a scam?”

Yes! Luck is the primary determinant of your chances of winning in this type of investment, coupled with the need to invest a lot of effort and time in research. It all contributes to your final prediction and determines your chances of winning.

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Some other factors that may affect the success of your prediction are;

  • The economic accomplishment of the main market makers
  • state of the economy
  • business news update
  • time of the year
  • political development

Some other factors include;

  • ability to understand statistic calculations
  • ability to use technical indicators
  • ability to read charts

Binary options scam is on the rise, and several people have lost in the bid to invest. Suppose you are a victim of a scam arising from a fake binary option. In that case, it is obvious you will need help on how to recover your funds, and the best and most effective way to achieve this is to engage the service of legit hackers.

Although It is believed that most times it is almost impossible to get your money refunded, that’s not true with the expert hackers because several of the companies engaged in scams usually have weak database security, and this implies that with the use of special technical hacking tools, they can be exploited easily.

These legit hackers will first extract your documents and files decrypt all transaction details, followed by certain technical hacking execution. You get your money refunded in bitcoin.

We can conclude that binary option is financial gambling, and it may work in your favor in the long run if you put in the required effort to research but it is never a scam.


Binary options are a “all or nothing” investment where a side wins while the other part loses depending on the outcome at the time of expiration.

Binary options are legal and must be traded on the regulated United States exchange, the Designated Contract Markets. The three DCMs that deal in binary options in the United States are the;

  • North American Derivatives Exchange Inc
  • Cantor Exchange, LP
  • Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Inc

Unfortunately, several companies engaged in binary options are not registered under the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). These companies do not adhere to the US regulatory requirements. Therefore, they have increased the level of complaints relating to binary–option fraud.

So before trading, you should get the registration background of the company you are about to trade with and avoid those that trade offshore because investors are less protected and stand the risk of being defrauded with them.

The RED list, which is also known as the Registration Deficiency list, has the names of the foreign entities that appear to act in a capacity that requires their need for registration with CFTC.

Companies that have not been registered are based offshore and there they are not under the same standard as compared to those that are based in the United States.

To start trading, you should be clear on these questions;

  • Does the company have a base in the US?
  • Have they been registered with the National Futures Association and CFTC
  • Do they have their customers’ funds in a segregated account in any of the major banks in the US?
  • Do you have easy access to your funds at any time or is there a limitation to binary option withdrawal?
  • When a customer loses on the other side, is it to their advantage?

In case you still don’t feel secure, you may consider working with CFTC regulated exchange in the United States.


For you to partake of the good that binary options offer, you will need; a good broker and understand that it requires your time and patience. However, where you feel you may not be able to allocate sufficient time, I will suggest you try out the robot.

Robots used for trading in binary options are often pre-programmed software that uses well-developed mathematical algorithms to under-study the market data and trade with low risk and high returns. These robots can be gotten from brokers and more people are now engaging robots for trading.


Before attempting to answer this question, there are some things that you should know;

After registering with a broker, you can download the robot trading software to your computer. Using the automated method will give you more time and increase your chances of success. You are guaranteed a more profitable venture because the process can put together helpful information quickly as compared to the human mind; however, for the best result, you must ensure that you select the service that fits well with your broker.

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There are several binary options scams due to the increasing number of fraudulent websites that appear precisely like legitimate ones. Unfortunately, many binary option robot scams are also out there to deceive investors. These investors will opt for the service of this robot, but this robot won’t work. However, there are some things to watch out for that can reduce the chances of falling victim to these scams. Some of these signs are short lead time, constant trading mistakes, reluctance to be involved in communication and limited access to your funds.

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In the world of trading, the auto binary signal is a new trading method that is believed to be suitable for newbies trending on the path of digital options. Due to the payout that is often between 70 – 89 percent implies you ought to win far beyond your trades to break even.
The auto binary signal is an excellent trading method better than the other signal providers currently in use. The unique thing about auto binary options signals is that it gives you an overview of what the market looks like per time. It does not take actions based on its signals but instead allows the trader to make a final decision.
It estimates the probability of success for every signal it generates and ranks the signals accordingly. it adds color codes to the recommended ones, and with this, traders have a clear understanding of what they are trading in, how much it costs, and the chances of winning before making a final decision. (Note it is advised to trade with an 85 percent rating).
In addition, where most people will require a long period to conclude whether or not to invest, this software is now an all–in–one solution that will help you make quick and secure decisions.


A binary option is not different from regular sports gambling. Just as sports gambling has helped many individuals and families scale-out of poverty, so was the focus of the binary options system. Several people have lost money in the bid to invest for their future. You are not alone if you have been a victim of a binary options scam. Because people frequently invest substantial sums of money on binary options. A lot of these dubious companies have been exposed by our team of experts at Golden Recovery. If you are a scam victim, a viable means of getting your funds back is to book our free consultation. We are professionals in binary options scams recovery of funds and can assist you in recovering your funds, so you have nothing to lose by contacting us. Take advantage of all the information provided above to ensure you invest in your future while staying clear of dubious companies or agents in humans and robots. Start trading safely today.

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